Story in Triangulation: Parch anthology

So the Parsec Ink anthology Triangulation: Parch is a thing, and I have a story in it called ‘Bitter Water’, which I’m very pleased about, because it involves some of my favourite characters in one of my favourite imaginary places. And also because I should be getting a paper copy in the post in the near future, which will be lovely. This is not dark fantasy! It’s closer to sword & sworcery, I think, or perhaps just secondary world adventure fantasy. Expect sand, bandits, extremely aggrieved merchants, alarming spirit-haunted mountains and some rather unkind practical jokers. And certainly expect a lot more great stories by great authors to go with it.

Many thanks to the editor, Stephen V. Ramey, for some very thorough editing work. I’m sure he didn’t mean to make me feel like I’d been flayed alive…