City of Wolves and Lightning (Tales to Terrify #533, 22/04/2022, read by Graeme Dunlop)

This bit of Roman civil war weird was originally published in Lamplight back in 2016. Sometimes I thought about calling it “Sorry Caesar, But Your City is in Another Country!” Maybe I should have done.

Tongueless (Tales to Terrify #468, 15/01/2021, read by Jasmine Arch)

This story was originally published in The Sockdolager back in 2016; it’s a messy little horror story about professional jealousy, alien experiments and extremely poor decision-making.

Drowning in Sky (PodCastle #331, 3/10/2014, read by Abra Staffin-Wiebe and introduced by Rachael K. Jones).

I have a kindness for those who shake the earth when they walk, the Sea-Cat said. For am I not the Mother of Earthquakes? Ann, a very bad sailor, sails away from plague-ridden Vitulia and lands in the Ten Cities, where the locals are… welcoming.

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