With Flowers in Her Hair (Kaleidotrope, July 2022)

Modern Cassandra (F&SF, May/June 2022)

After Naxos, Ariadne (Fantasy Magazine, Feb 2022)

The Opportunity Costs of Adventure (On Spec, June 2021)

Puppet Show (Places We Fear To Tread, September 2020)

Passavanti’s Fantasima (Apparition Lit Issue 9, January 2020)

Doll’s House (Kaleidotrope, October 2019)

The Care and Conservation of Unusual Properties (On Spec, April 2019)

Butterflies and Hurricanes (The Dark, February 2019)

Prima Fuit, Finis Erit (Lackington’s, November 2018)

Psychopomps of Central London (The Dark, October 2018)

The Catacombs of Constitutional History (Monstrosities, March 2018)

The Little Duchess (Kaleidotrope, January 2018)

The Elements of the Plague (Syntax & Salt, December 2017)

God Thing (Kaleidotrope, July 2017)

Delia’s Door (3LBE #28, November 2016; reprinted in Vol. VII of the 3LBE print anthology, May 2021)

Tongueless (The Sockdolager #7, October 2016, and Tales to Terrify #468, January 2021)

City of Wolves and Lightning (LampLight vol. 4.4, July 2016, and Tales to Terrify #533, April 2022)

The Wardrobe of Metaphysical Maps (Grendelsong #2, April 2016)

Under Dead Marsh (Lackington’s #9, February 2016; reprinted in Big Echo’s Avant Garde issue, October 2019)

The Girl who Talked to the Sea (Unsung Stories, October 2015)

Soteriology and Stephen Greenwood (Unlikely Story’s The Journal of Unlikely Academia, October 2015)

Rites of Passage (Kaleidotrope, September 2015)

Voice and Silence (The Sockdolager, September 2015)

Durus Amor (Two Words For, July 2015)

Unravelling (Lackington’s #5, January 2015)

Drowning in Sky (Women Destroy Fantasy!, October 2014, and PodCastle 331, October 2014)

The Words of the Maguš to Kūruš, King of Kings (Lightning Cake Lit, September 2014)

7 Noises Heard While House-Sitting Alone, In The Dark, That Would Be Alarming If I Didn’t Know What They Were (Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi, September 2014)

Aqua Vitalis (Lakeside Circus, Issue 2, August 2014).

Bitter Water (Triangulation: Parch anthology, July 2014). This story is also available as an ebook reprint from Digital Fantasy Fiction, both on its own and in the anthology Casual Conjurings (March 2017).

Elephants and Omnibuses (Lackington’s #2, May 2014).

The Poet and the Lily (SQ Mag Ed. 11, Nov 2013, and Star Quake 2 anthology, August 2014).

Fool’s Gold (Every Day Fiction, May 2013).

Dog Star Rising (Short story available via Smashwords, Amazon, etc., March 2013).

Apple Cake & Princess Charming (Scheherezade’s Bequest #13, Cabinet des Fées, May 2011).


For more details go here.

A Shrine to Saint Ann (2013).

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